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Ultra Rares Sneak Preview

Crystal Dragon Duck
Luxury Dragon Duck
Demon Dragon Duck

The origin of MoonDucks

The metaverse

How it started

Moonducks, the originators of the meta-verse. Those who own a Moonduck NFT are partial founders and are treated as such.

Those believing in the value of our subliminal Moonducks will make decisions with us. Thereby owning the exclusive rights to the incredible art and future endeavours.

We will take you on a great adventure where we as a community have to be strong, commit and defy obstacles together. As an alliance, in solidarity and unity.

A nostalgic journey starts today. More mature and unique. Moonducks is building a place where everyone can come together. To get to know other partial founders. To talk, meet and play games. An virtual place where players can create their own social hangout where everyone can join.

Are you joining us too?

Join the Moonduck meta-verse. The nostalgia. The adventure. Join the Moonducks club now!





The moonducks meta-verse was founded by Benji. Benji became acquainted with blockchain technology in 2017 and has studied the matter for years. As a gamer, he played with the idea to apply blockchain technology to games. He was a big fan of Habbo and Runescape back in his childhood days. His vision is to experience this nostalgia in a new, mature and unique way.




Professional fullstack developer since 4 years and with great love for blockchain since the very beginning. Cooper is a real blockchain veteran which also had much experience in playing games like Tibia, MappleStory and World of Warcraft. The great combination of the love and experience for games and programming is a gold combo for NFT development.



Head of Marketing

JJ was first introduced to crypto in early 2017 which quickly sparked a fascination for the ever expanding blockchain technology and the many emerging new projects. He is now combining his favorite fields of technology, strategizing and customer service to bring the market to you and you to the market.




Roy has been in marketing for 7 years now, and into the blockchain technologies since the end of 2017. After promoting and applying marketing strategies on various projects, Roy decided to make a switch towards the gaming / NFT sector.



Master Artist

Artist on several social media platforms. Moella fell in love with this passion many years ago and drew many content to refine his own style. He played many games like Elder Scrolls online, MapleStory and Runescape. With a beautiful vision on art and games Moella is the perfect artist for Moonducks.

Master Artist


Master Artist

Doffy, a true born artist. Looking past the obvious, his inspiration comes from all gaming artwork and anime. The challenge is to see beyond the distraction of the conspicuous to capture its unique self of each MoonDuck. Making exceptional artwork for all. A big fan for MMO games like Maplestory and ESO. Hoping to find a new addiction in the wonderful world of NFTs.